Do these parts fit your vehicle? Find out now.

Car tow bars

Towbars vary depending on what they are used for, from a simple hook tow bar to a 7 or 12 pin trailer light extension kit to ensure that brakes and indicators work on a caravan. For off-road vehicles like Land Rovers or Range Rovers, a genuine branded tow hook might be best suited for moving equipment around a farm or yard. There are also tow bar assembly kits for vans and minibuses, ideal for sports groups who need to transport equipment to their events, or for social clubs who need extra space to transport luggage on a group trip. 

Towbars for caravans

Towing a caravan means that a heavy duty tow bar is essential to stay safe and stable on the road. A tow bar needs to be properly fitted, with considerations made for parking sensors which may be affected by the fitted bar. Caravan stabilisers are a must to ensure that when driving on uneven roads or at higher speeds, like on a motorway, there is minimal swaying. There are both manufacturer specific and compatible tow bars and rails available, varying in materials and colours from black to chrome, so there should be a complete kit to suit every vehicle. 

Towing trailers or sports equipment

For transporting trailers with important equipment a strong tow ball and bar might need to be fitted so its easier to secure a large trailer. Secure ratchet straps can be used to tie down quad bikes, bicycles or ride on lawnmowers. Quick release tow bars make it easy to fit towing equipment as needed, without having to keep the equipment in place every day. Tow balls and bars are available on eBay with rubber protector covers, as well as bumper protector plates, to minimise the potential damage to the car or vehicle that is towing, and the trailer, caravan or van being towed.