Upgrade Your Car Transportation With a Car Transporter Trailer

Trailers provide secure means of hauling race cars and other prized cars. You can also use them to transport boats, tools, and other types of cargo. You can find new or used car transporter trailers for your needs on eBay listings.

Key considerations when choosing a car transporter trailer

Choosing the right type of car trailer will ensure that you meet your car transportation needs. With the many trailers to choose from on eBay, you can narrow your search by considering the following:

  • Covered vs uncovered trailers: Some car trailers are open, and they are suitable when you need to transport cars and other cargo over a short distance. They are also suitable for general hauling. If you will be transporting prized vehicles for long distances, a covered trailer is a good option.
  • Weight class: Car transporters fall into different weight classes. Often, the weight limit for every class includes the weight of the towing car. Therefore, to buy the right trailer, add the weight of the heaviest load that you will haul to that of the trailer when deciding the weight class. Check the manufacturer's site for details.
  • Your licence: You need a full driver's licence to pull a trailer. If you have a standard driver's licence, then you might only be allowed to tow a maximum of 3.5 tonnes. Therefore, you will need to get an upgraded license before towing heavier cars.
Should you buy a bumper-mounted hitch or a frame-mounted hitch?

A bumper-mounted hitch is an affordable choice. However, the frame-mounted alternative is stronger. The rule of the thumb when choosing hitches is that a frame-mounted hitch should be used when you are hauling more than 950 kg load. In terms of classes, the class I-III hitches are suitable for loads of under 3.5 tonnes. Larger loads require class IV hitches.

When are gooseneck trailers necessary?

Gooseneck trailers are stable and have high payload capacity. They are suitable for those who are transporting many cars or wide loads. Many of these trailers connect into a coupler attached to the bed of the tow truck instead of its frame. It places more of the weight of the trailer on the truck’s rear axle instead of the frame, minimising on-road sway. You need to check the manufacturer’s website to confirm the hitching configuration of the car trailers on eBay.

Car trailers also require constant maintenance

Car trailers are sturdy, making many people think they do need constant maintenance. On the contrary, proper maintenance keeps your car trailer roadworthy, increases its lifespan, and residual value. The parts that require constant maintenance, usually every six months are:

  • Brakes, for braked trailers.
  • Leaf spring suspension.
  • Greased parts such as the ramp hinges and tongue jack.
  • Tyres.