Wheel Clamps for Sale: for Cars, Caravans, and More

An introduction to wheel clamps

Wheel clamps are usually seen as punitive measures designed to prevent parking in the wrong places. Only local authorities, the police or the DVLA can use clamps on vehicles that are improperly parked on public roads. However, there are other reasons to use car clamps.

Why would I need to buy a wheel clamp?

You can buy a vehicle clamp to use on private land if you are the vehicle owner and want to prevent theft. This can be when you know that your vehicle will be vulnerable to thieves, or when you want to prevent your car from being used.

Another reason for using a wheel clamp lock is for safety. It is quite common to see caravan wheel clamps for sale. This is to ensure that the caravan does not move when you are inside it. The wheel clamp lock will ensure that your caravan stays exactly where you want it to stay until it is time to head home.

Where can I buy a wheel clamp?

eBay has various wheel clamps for sale. If you are not sure of how to fit a wheel clamp, you do not need to go to an expensive retail outlet in order to get the know-how. Many wheel clamps are fairly easy to work out, while others will come with an instruction manual or leaflet, so you can easily buy a secondhand or used wheel clamp.

List of wheel clamp types

When you are looking at vehicle clamps for sale, it helps to know what you are looking for:

  • Anti-theft: These devices are designed to make thieves think twice about trying to steal your car. As an added deterrent, ensure that your wheel clamp is a bright colour and is on the wheel closest to the driver's door so would-be thieves see it clearly.
  • Caravan: Whether it is to stop your caravan from running away should a brake fail or to stop someone trying to steal your caravan, you can find caravan wheel clamps for sale, that are sized and weighted for the bigger, heavier wheels that go on recreational vehicles.
  • Spoke type: These wheel clamps are designed to work as a big padlock, fitting through spoked wheels. Ensure that you have the right sorts of tyres on your car or caravan so the wheel clamp fits properly.
  • Triangular type: These are the type usually used by law enforcement and they consist of large triangular pieces that fit over the hubcaps and are held in place around the wheel, preventing it from moving.
  • Denver boot: Much like the triangular clamps, these clamps are lighter in weight and less bulky to carry. This makes these bar-style clamps ideal for travelling as you can move and store them easily. The name 'Denver boot' actually applies to all-wheel clamps and is a nod to the city in which wheel clamps were invented in the 1950s.