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Car Wheel Trims

Car wheels trims for easy style

Add the finishing touches to your vehicle with a set of car wheel trims. Perfect for covering up the bare look of steel wheels, tyre trims quickly and easily enhance the style of your car. Theyre also more affordable than buying a new set of wheels, saving you time and money on installing new wheels. 

Keep in mind the exact wheel size of your car to ensure that these parts fit your wheel. Incorrect installation may cause the trims to fall off when driving. 

VW car wheel trims

Youll find a wide range of VW car wheel trims available for various models and wheel sizes. A set of silver trims with a standard spoke design is perfect for adding a touch of subtle style. Thick spokes emanate from the centre, right to the outer edge, whilst a silver VW badge sits to the centre. 

A set of VW Beetle wheel trims that completely covers the wheel with a fully spokeless design creates a truly eye-catching style. The domed chrome design features a sleek VW logo to the centre, whilst the shiny finish reflects in the light. 

Go for a highly stylish set of wheel trims that mimic a diamond-cut rim design. With blade-like spokes in a black finish with a diamond-cut outer edge, these trims are the perfect way to create a high-end feel at an affordable price. 

Vauxhall car wheel trims

Upgrade your car with a set of Vauxhall wheel trims in a range of designs. From stock models to aftermarket items, youll find something to elevate the style of your car. 

A set of bold trims with a thick spoke design with smaller, thin spokes in the gaps are highly eye-catching. Or choose a trim set with thin black rims and a red outer trim for some sporty style.