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Car Wing Mirrors & Accessories

Car wing mirrors and accessories

Car wing mirrors come in a huge range of styles and customisable options. Some models are made specifically to suit certain brands of car, such as Ford, Vauxhall, Toyota and Peugeot. The wing mirror you select will depend on the additional features you need, the car you have and the model as well. Here on eBay, you can find a wide range of car wing mirrors and accessories with a selection of different features to help improve your driving experience. 


Some mirrors are synced to the defrost option on the vehicle. When the defroster is activated, a heating element then comes on to stop the mirror from fogging up. This is available on a huge range of car wing mirrors and this feature can be distinguished by the two wires that come out of the back of the glass panel. It is very easy for you to purchase a heat accessory as this can be attached to an existing wing mirror. 

Puddle lamps

Puddle lamps are a specific type of wing mirror. They have a light underneath the housing for the mirror. This light comes on when the lights inside the car are turned on. The light on the mirror works by illuminating any puddles that are close to the driver or passenger door. This type of wing mirror will require two wires and a space on the circuit to connect the device. Some wing mirrors come with this feature as standard. 


Memory functionality is another feature of car wing mirrors. Memory functions work by utilising technology to try and adjust the drivers wing mirror position. The device remembers the position of the mirror when the car is being driven and it uses a pre-programmed feature to obtain this position every time. 

Monochromatic glass

Monochromatic glass replaces the glass on the wing mirror. They are covered by a filter that prevents excess brightness. The mirror will automatically respond to light by dimming the glare when the car is being driven.