Entertainment on the Road with a Caravan TV

Although you may have bought your caravan to hit the road and get away from everyday life, sometimes a caravan TV is a blessing. On rainy days, caravan TVs can be a godsend, especially to keep children entertained. Whatever your budget or the specifications of your caravan, eBay has the TV to match even the most exacting requirements.

How can you find a caravan TV for your needs?

Unlike domestic TVs, there are additional factors that will influence your choice of caravan TV. These include:

  • Available space: This will dictate the size of your TV.
  • Power source: Mains-operated, 12V battery-operated, and/or via adapter?
  • Signal source: What operating system(s) will you be using?
  • Dimensions: These dictate the weight and relative portability.
  • Tuning capabilities: Do you prefer manual or self-seeking?
  • Mounting: Is there room for a stand, or will you hang it on a wall?
Do you need to buy accessories for your caravan TV?

Many of the caravan TVs available on eBay are sold with all the accessories you need, or have them built into the TV. Mounts can have a swivel bracket or tilting arm for ease of viewing, or be installed flush to the wall. They should have a locking pin mechanism to secure the TV while you're on the move. The caravan TV aerial can be permanently mounted on the roof of your caravan, use telescopic collapsible poles, or be a portable adjustable one, which can be placed on a flat surface near the TV. You should ensure that all cables, connectors, and adapters fit the specifications of both the caravan's power source and the TV. Each caravan TV may have a slightly different procedure, so refer to the manufacturer's instructions.

Is it worth buying a combi caravan TV?

When you go on a caravan holiday, space is at a premium. Included among the wide range of caravan TVs on eBay are combi TVs, which offer a number of other functions. The main benefit of these caravan TVs is that you can save valuable space, don't need to worry about tangled cables, and you increase your entertainment options when you're on the road. Some televisions for caravans have one or more of the following built into them:

  • CD and DVD player.
  • PVR (personal video recorder).
  • FM transmitter.
  • Digital terrestrial tuner.
  • Satellite tuner.
  • USB, HDMI, or VGA port.