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Fiat 500 carpets and floor mats

Ensure that the interior of your car is kept clean and dust-free with Fiat 500 carpets and floor mats. Capturing dust, dirt and litter, these handy accessories are easy to clean. From fabric and rubber mats to genuine OEM and aftermarket parts, youre sure to find the ideal Fiat 500 interior car parts and furnishings for your vehicle on eBay.

Fiat 500 floor mats and carpet sets

Go for a full set of new Fiat floor mats and carpets if you want to upgrade all the mats in your car. These typically come with four mats, two for the rear and two for the front. The drivers mat usually features added pedal pads for increased durability.

Choose a rubber mat for something that catches larger debris. The rubber material is highly durable and is also super easy to clean. Simply beat them outside and give a quick wipe with a wet cloth to get them as good as new. Some rubber floor mats feature tread marks on the top surface for improved grip.

Car mats made with fabric are able to catch smaller pieces of dirt, dust and debris, perfect for those with constantly muddy shoes. The fibres in the fabric trap dust more effectively than a sheer rubber mat and can be quickly cleaned with a vacuum cleaner.

Fiat 500 boot carpets and floor mats

Keep the rear of your car tidy with Fiat 500 boot carpets, floor mats and covers. Choose these with either a rubber or fabric design to cover all of your boot.

Youll also find boot floor covers that fully fit your boot space. These fit the floor and walls, tucking into the corners for a tight fit. You can simply remove the floor cover for easy cleaning, instantly removing all dirt from your boot in one go.