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A New Technics Cartridge Helps Protect Your Vinyl Collection

When you’re looking for record player and turntable parts, you can replace a worn turntable needle with a Technics cartridge. You can find these cartridges and other Technics parts on eBay at affordable prices. Here are a few things you should know before buying a part for your turntable.

What does the tonearm do?

The tonearm is the main component that creates sound from the record. This part contains the cartridge and the record needle. In order to work, the tonearm must be calibrated. If it doesn't have the right height or angle, it can scratch the vinyl. The tonearm is balanced by a cantilever and can be adjusted. The sound signal is transmitted to a cable from inside the arm. That arm will send the audio signal to the turntable’s output elements.

Can you replace the cartridge?

The cartridge experiences a lot of wear and tear on a turntable, and these parts are made to be replaced. If you want to keep your turntable working properly, you need to inspect the cartridge. A worn cartridge and needle will start to skip and can drag across the vinyl even when you have calibrated the tonearm. A worn needle can also cause damage to your vinyl collection. You can easily replace the cartridge. The cartridge will have to be removed from the head unit. Modern cartridges are basically designed to plug and play into the tonearm. Once you have installed a new cartridge, you will have to calibrate the new cartridge. By doing this, you can ensure that the needle will glide across the vinyl without damaging the record.

What is an anti-skate feature?

A skipping record does not mean a bad cartridge. It simply means that you may have to adjust the anti-skate feature. Most turntables have this feature on the device. The anti-skate feature helps to distribute the correct amount of weight to the cartridge. You want the weight to be properly balanced on your turntable. If it is not balanced, the result may be a skipping record. All tonearms have a counterbalance on the end of the arm that can be adjusted with a turn of the knob. You want to turn the knob until the tonearm is parallel with the platter. It is a good idea to frequently calibrate your turntable to keep it in proper working order.

What parts are available from Technics?

Technics sells a wide range of cartridges for their turntables. You can find the right cartridge for your particular model on eBay. Their cartridges fit the following models:

  • SLD3K
  • SL1310
  • SLQ2K
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