Cases, Covers & Skins for Motorola Mobile Phones

Carbon Fibre Cases Covers for Motorola Mobile Phones

Carbon fibre cases and covers for Motorola mobile phones are available in a range of styles and designs. Carbon fibre gives your mobile phone enhanced protection whilst still being lightweight. It has a distinctive look and feel that adds luxury to your outfit.

What is carbon fibre?

Carbon fibre is a manufactured material that is designed to be very strong, but light at the same time. It is often used for activities such as motorsports, where it is important to be as light as possible, but remaining strong enough to resist the impact of potential crashes.

Carbon fibre phone cases are designed to be stylish, lightweight and strong, helping protect your Motorola device without making it too bulky or heavy.

Some types of carbon fibre cases for Motorola mobile phones

The classic style for a carbon fibre mobile phone case is the type that fits over the back cover of your Motorola phone, in the same manner as the more common silicone or rubber style of case. Carbon fibre styling is often designed to look like a type of cloth, with the fibre element of the material indicating it can be woven together, which leads to the unique styling. These Motorola phone cases are available in different colours, with black being one of the most popular.

Wallet phone cases are also available in carbon fibre for your Motorola phone. These feature a front and back cover, with the front cover fastening over the phone screen magnetic or button popper strap. There are various colours on offer, including black, brown and brighter colours, with many of this type of case featuring internal pockets for credit cards and other items.

About the Motorola brand

Motorola was originally a US company set up to build radio equipment in the 1920s. They evolved to produce a range of electronics goods. The mobile phone arm of the firm was bought by Google in the 2010s, then eventually sold on to the Chinese firm, Lenovo, who currently manufacture and supply Motorola branded mobile phones.