Mobile Phone Cases and Covers for Xiaomi

Looking for mobile phone cases and covers for Xiaomi mobile phones? You can find a wide selection of cases in a variety of styles to suit your needs. These cases are available in a range of different colours and materials, each offering different levels of protection.

Types of mobile phone cases

Many types of mobile phone cases and covers for Xiaomi come with more unusual features such as a projector, card pocket (so that you can leave your wallet at home) and some even come with a selfie stick - don't forget to make sure that you ensure that your shot is Instagram worthy!

Stronger mobile phone cases will add more protection but are bulkier and completely hide your device, whereas slimmer plastic cases are able to show off the sleek design of your smartphone.

Wallet phone cases offer enhanced protection. Your phone fits into the interior of this case and gets contact protection on the back and sides. The front of the cover has a flap that is used to protect your phone screen when not in use. This flap is then fastened shut with a strap, popper button or magnetic connector.

These cases also feature handy card pockets on the inside, allowing you to carry around vital cards and some cash. The front flap can also be used to prop up your phone on a surface, giving you a more comfortable way to watch videos, read books or play games. Xiaomi wallet phone cases are often made from genuine or synthetic leather and come in classic black, brown and red.

Silicone fitted cases wrap around the back and sides of your phone and reduce the damage from any knocks or bumps. The silicone allows for enhanced shock absorption when dropped, reducing any damage to the internal components of your phone. These cases are available in a range of different colours and designs, including classic block colours, marble prints and embellished metallic designs. Silicone fitted phone covers allow you to add an element of style to your device.

Xiaomi bumper phone cases give added protection to the edges and sides of your phone and are minimalist in design. Bumper cases also fortify the strength of your phone screen, making it much less likely to crack.

For maximum protection, use a tempered glass screen protector as well as a case. These screen protectors allow your screen to stay in pristine condition.