Cases and covers for the iPhone 8 Plus

Ensure that your previous Apple smartphone is kept safe with cases and covers for the iPhone 8 Plus. These extra handy accessories keep your phone protected from day-to-day damage, with some offering even more functionality, like added cash storage. From simple silicone cases to more rugged units for stronger protection, there are phone cases for all here on eBay. 

Silicone iPhone 8 Plus cases

For something more slimline, silicone iPhone 8 Plus cases are a simple yet functional addition to your smartphone. Clear cases keep your device's sleek curves on show, whilst coloured models add a touch of personal style to your phone. 

Choose from classic colours like red or blue or choose something in a translucent rainbow colour. These often come as a simple case protecting the rear and edges of the phone. 

Or, go all the way with a case that comes in two parts, one for protecting the back and one for keeping the screen safe. These iPhone cases protect the screen from scratches and cracks whilst offering full touchscreen functionality. 

Wallet iPhone 8 Plus cases

Combining the functionality of both a phone case and a wallet, iPhone 8 Plus wallet cases are very handy accessories. These cases keep the back protected at all times, whilst the flip cover keeps the screen safe when not in use. 

On the inside of the flip cover, various storage pockets give you the perfect place to keep cards and cash, saving you from carrying a bulky wallet or purse around. The flip cover can also be used to prop your phone up for the perfect viewing angle. 

Choose your wallet case in a classy brown leather finish to match your formal wear, or go for a pleather model in a bold colour like red or green to match your personal style.