Customise Your iPhone 6s Plus Using a Case or Cover

The iPhone 6s Plus model from Apple was released in 2015. If you own one of these devices, you can take a look at eBay UK for phone cases that might appeal to your sense of style. Getting to know some of the main features that can come with these items and the patterns you can pick for them will help you find the right iPhone 6s Plus phone case for you.

Material options for the iPhone 6s Plus phone case

iPhone 6s Plus cases on eBay UK are available in different materials to suit your needs. You may want a case in a colour palette or texture that a particular material provides. Some of the common options you will discover during your search are:

  • Rubber - A silicone or gel case for the iPhone 6s Plus will be soft and somewhat flexible in order to absorb impacts from accidental drops.
  • Plastic - Plastic iPhone 6s Plus cases are available from eBay UK in a range of vibrant colours, and they provide you with a relatively lightweight protective covering for your device.
  • Metal - If you want a durable cover that is intended to withstand cracks or breaks, you may want to look into an iPhone 6s Plus case made from aluminium or other metals.
What types of iPhone 6s Plus cases are there?

All cases on eBay can provide some protection to your iPhone 6s Plus model, but the various designs add extra features to each kind of cover. Some of the main types you will see are:

  • Wallet - This case has extra slots or compartments to carry your cards and cash with your iPhone 6s Plus.
  • Bumper - The edges on this case are raised to keep the body of your phone away from impact points.
  • Flip - This is a standard iPhone 6s Plus case. You can flip the front cover open to use the smartphone while leaving it in the case.
When should you consider a used iPhone 6s Plus case?

If you cannot find the iPhone 6s Plus case that you would like among the brand-new phone cases on eBay, you may want to take a look at the pre-owned cases and covers as well. Some used iPhone 6s Plus covers could have additional patterns or colour palettes for you to try. The pre-owned items are also a great way to find the iPhone 6s Plus case you'd like at an affordable price. Most pre-owned cases feature few signs of cosmetic wear and are intended to function adequately for your needs.