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Cases and Covers for Nokia Lumia 800

Nokia launched the popular Lumia 800 smartphone in 2011 and since then, phone accessories producers have been making cases and covers for Nokia Lumia 800. All styles of mobile phone cases and covers , in book, shell or pouch are available. Phone cases are made from a selection of materials and a range of patterns, colours and finishes.

When choosing which Nokia Lumia 800 cover is right for you and your phone, two important considerations should to be made. You should consider what you want your phone to look like and the level of protection you require. Nokia Lumia 800 mobile phone cases can be thick and chunky, providing the ultimate protection, but obscuring the phone's looks. They can also be slim and bring the style of your phone to prominence, providing minimal protection.

Gel case for Nokia Lumia 800

High levels of impact protection and a look that reveals your phone's style are core features of a silicone gel case or cover for Nokia Lumia 800.

Gel and silicone cases for Nokia Lumia 800 smartphones feel rubbery to touch and, like rubber, they can absorb much of the impact of a drop or knock, helping to stop the phone cracking. The majority of gel, rubber or silicon cases for Nokia Lumia 800 mobile phones are slimline.

Silicon Nokia Lumia 800 phone case are made in either translucent or opaque and in many different colours and shades. Cases with patterns and textures to make the phone more attractive and easier to grip are also common.

Shiny covers for Nokia Lumia 800

Metallic look covers for Nokia Lumia 800 are usually made from plastic. Plastic can create a glassy look and a plastic case is usually slimline and reveal the phone's style. Transparent covers are especially good for showing off the look of your phone.

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