Cases and Covers for Samsung Galaxy S4

Cases and Covers for the Samsung Galaxy S4

A case or cover for your new smartphone is always an essential, helping to prevent damage to the handset and save money on expensive repair bills. Cases and covers for the Samsung Galaxy S4 can be found in an extensive range of designs and colours, with something to suit all personal styles. These generally inexpensive items provide protection, practicality and style.

Types of cases and covers for the Samsung Galaxy S4

Whether youre wanting something plain and classy, or to make more of a statement, a protective phone case is always a smart idea. Cases and covers for Samsung Galaxy S4 can be found in synthetic leather, silicone gel, and hard plastic formats and all in a wide range of colours.

A synthetic leather flip case is a popular choice for both protection and aesthetics. With space for up to three credit cards and a separate pocket for spare change, these practical phone cases feature a magnetic flip fastener to protect your screen when the phone isnt in use.

Synthetic leather flip cases can also be used as a stand, making them ideal for people who enjoy watching videos but dont want the hassle of holding their phone. These sturdy yet lightweight flip covers come in a wide range of colours including red, blue, pink, purple, classic black and white, or can be found in patterned styles.

Popular patterns for synthetic leather flip phone cases including bejewelled bling, glitter effect, multi-coloured geometrics and colourful, country flags, flowers, dream catchers, Disney and more.

For optimum protection for you Samsung S4 , ultra thin cases constructed from silicone gel casings with tempered glass screen safeguard come in a wide variety of transparent shades including clear, pink, lilac, blue, shimmering pastel metallics and glitter.

These slimline silicone Samsung cases offer durability and style, with a comfortable feel when handling your phone and 360 degree protection with full touch screen sensitivity. Glitter and metallic versions of this case come with a card insert to fit in between the back of the handset and the casing to give a stunning, long lasting glitter effect.

If a vintage look is more your style, then a genuine leather wallet style flip case makes an ideal phone accessory. These classic phone cases are available in black or tan for a natural and timeless look. Offering much the same functionality as the synthetic leather version, these cases have space for two to three cards and a pocket for cash.

Slightly higher up the price range and constructed from good quality leather, these cases also double as a stand for viewing video playback or easy scrolling.