How to Pick the Perfect Cases and Covers for Your Samsung

When your Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus meets an unfortunate spill, bump, or drop, you want to make sure it's protected. Within eBay’s collection, you'll find a variety of cases and covers for Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus that not only protect your smartphone but are stylish, too.

Affordable cases for Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus

If you handle your device with extreme care, you can probably get by with basic protection. However, experts recommend tough or rugged cases and covers for most users. Here's what you can expect with the different protection levels.

  • Slim: These one-piece cases have a slender profile that offers basic-level protection over the parts of the phone it covers.
  • Tough: Offer an added level of shock absorption to survive a drop. Many models offer added grip to reduce the chances of the phone slipping from your hand. Moreover, several cases feature a lip to protect the phone in the event it lands on its face.
  • Rugged: For ultimate protection, look for rugged cases for the Samsung Galaxy S9 on eBay. These cases meet military standards and cover the entire phone, including the screen and buttons. Most models come equipped with air pockets, reinforced corners, water-resistant properties, and grip technology.
  • Screen protector: As the name implies, a thin layer of tempered glass adheres to the touchscreen's surface to protect it against scratches.
Which material should you choose to cover your Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus?

The Samsung 9 Plus is a beautiful device. Still, it needs protection to ensure longevity. Familiarise yourself with the various forms of protection available so you can choose the right new or used Samsung Galaxy S9 cases and covers to shield your device.

  • Silicone: As a byproduct of petroleum, this gel-like substance stretches over your smartphone to absorb the shock of low-impact drops.
  • Thermoplastic polyurethane: Also known as TPU, this lightweight material is available in both soft and hard construction. Both forms offer basic protection against scratches and low-impact falls.
  • Polycarbonate: This lightweight material is made from the same substances used to make eyeglass lenses and bulletproof glass to provide maximum protection against drops.
  • Military spec grade: Military-grade rubber offers rugged protection to withstand high-impact drops and resist water.
  • Leather: Generally used to make flip cases, both natural and synthetic leather are soft to the touch. The level of protection varies per model.
How can you make sure the cases for Samsung Galaxy S9 on eBay will fit your phone?

The cases and covers for Samsung Galaxy S9 for sale on eBay are designed specifically for individual models. Openings are cut precisely to allow you full access to buttons and ports.