Cases and Covers for iPhone 4

Explore Choices for iPhone 4 Back Glass Cases and Covers

iPhone 4 back glass cases are available on eBay in a wide variety of colours and styles. Different cases have unique features that may make using your iPhone 4 a more convenient and enjoyable experience. You can browse through eBays entire selection of iPhone 4 back glass panels and covers to find the model that works for you.

What are some features of iPhone 4 back glass covers?

Some covers for the back of your iPhone 4 might double as cases. Each case can have several features that you can use to enhance the functionality of your iPhone. You can use the categories on eBays sidebar to find iPhone 4 back glass covers or panels that include the features you prefer. Some common options you can choose from are:

  • Photo lens - Back glass covers with this feature include an opening so that you can continue to take photos with your iPhone 4 even when it is in the case.
  • Projector - A projector attachment on your iPhone 4 back glass can read the video or images on your phones screen and enlarge them. The accessory can then transmit the images to a wall or similar flat surface.
  • Straps or clips - You can carry the back panel hands-free with the right clips.
Can you purchase cases or covers in different materials?

iPhone 4 back glass can be delicate. You may wish to purchase a case or cover for your phone that can protect the glass panels and sensitive electronic components inside them. eBay offers helpful categories that can narrow your search and find the products that use the materials you like. Some types of cases you will discover are:

  • Wood - Wood can provide a natural look to your iPhone 4 back glass panel. Most wooden cases are lightweight, and you can get them in a variety of colours or types. Bamboo covers are also available on eBay.
  • Leather - You can purchase covers made from either natural or faux leather. You may be able to find leather cases that are dyed in your favourite colour.
  • Plastic - The plastic components in an iPhone 4 case or cover are hard and provide a measure of protection to your device.
What finishes are available?

Each case, cover, or panel for your iPhone 4 back glass has a particular finish. You can choose a glossy finish if you want to catch the light. A matte finish might include vibrant colours or patterns, but it will not reflect a lot of light.

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