Cash Registers & Supplies

Cash Registers and Supplies

If you run a business that receives cash from customers, opting for an efficient cash register for your business is a must. There is a range of cash registers suitable for a variety of business sizes including small boutiques to large retail spaces. Cash registers make transactions an easy and fast process with lots of features at an affordable cost. From programmable department codes to operator identification numbers, each system provides comprehensive formats for every business requirement.

Key features

Modern cash registers make customer transactions super easy for the user. There is a range of affordable options dependent on business needs and size and many include a selection of features to help determine product codes and department sales. For smaller shops and market vendors, basic cash registers give you a handy way to monitor transactions without the need for complicated settings. For larger stores with hundreds of products, cash registers offer many features including programmable departmental codes, different VAT rates, operator identification codes and the availability to accept a range of payment methods with ease.


Cash registers offer a safe and secure way to store money and collect information during daily trading. Many have lockable cash drawers which require management passwords to gain access. Some cash registers also have comprehensive reporting functions, which enable management to monitor sales, refunds and no sale activity in case of any stock or monetary discrepancies.

Cash register supplies

If you are looking for a range of supplies for your cash register, there is a large selection of items available. Products, such as thermal receipt paper for cash registers and card machines, are available in bulk buys to ensure you have sufficient stock. Other handy products include counterfeit note checker pens, removable heavy-duty coin trays, UV note checkers and replacement ink rolls for receipt compartments.