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Casio Music Keyboards 

Keyboards are electronic instruments that work by recreating a vast array of instrumental sounds that are stored in the onboard system. 

Casio music keyboards can be used by all abilities from beginners to skilled players to compose entire songs using recording software on a computer. 

Features of a quality keyboard

  • Teaching – Some keyboards can teach a selection of songs to the player by lighting the various keys that are used to play the song. This allows the student to follow along as the song develops
  • Sensitivity – A quality keyboard has touch sensitivity built in, allowing it to detect how hard the keys are pressed by the musician and relates it to the sound produced. This enables the instrument to accurately mimic a piano. With some keyboards, this can affect the timbre of the note according to how hard the key is pressed
  • Weight – Keyboards do not have the same weighted components that most instruments have so they can become unbalanced due to the positioning of the electronic components. Quality keyboards are designed to balance their weight evenly throughout the frame. This is easily noticed when playing the keyboard, as cheaper keyboards can tip upon striking the key at the heavier end
  • Metronome – In order to aid beginners, most keyboards feature a metronome to help them keep in time with the music. Quality keyboards have metronomes with a variable number of beats to accommodate a wider range of music compared to those with a fixed number of beats
  • Speaker quality – As keyboards produce their sound electronically and then play it from the onboard speakers, it is essential that the keyboard you choose has high quality speakers. High quality speakers will ensure that the sound is clear and the notes sound accurate to the ones being played
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