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Cat Balls 

Cat balls can provide hours of fun for your much-loved kitten or cat. Suitable for all ages, these toys can be entertaining for pets and owners alike.

Why do cats need toys and balls?

  • Cat toys can be an outlet for a cat’s internal hunting instinct
  • Playing with toys can give your much-loved pet mental and physical stimulation
  • Cat toys can be a vital energy release for cats, which is particularly important for house cats
  • Toys can create a stimulating environment to make for a happy and healthy cat

Features of Cat Balls

There are many different features of cat balls and will depend on personal choice. All balls will have an aspect of stimulation for the cat, be that colour, texture and design. 

Other feature of cat balls may include one of the following;

  • Light-up – some balls will have a blinking or flashing for mental stimulation for your cat. Lights will help to enhance the hunting experience for your cats
  • Sounds – cat balls will often have a squeak, bell or sound that is made when the ball is pressed or in motion. Similar to the lights, this will aid the hunting experience for your cat making it appear more ‘real’
  • Contains Catnip – a herb which contains a chemical that attracts cats

Advice about catnip

Some cats will be affected by catnip and some will not. Catnip is safe for cats and they will not get addicted. 

However, catnip can cause overstimulation in some cats which can lead to aggressive play. In opposite to this, some cats will be more relaxed with the presence of catnip.

Circuit Cat Balls

Some cat balls are designed for circuits. Circuits are where balls are rolled around a fixed closed track with some openings for cats to swipe at. The balls have motion-sensor and are illuminated and often vary the speed around the course providing cats with mental stimulation, focussing their hunting instinct and practising their reflexes.

Cat toys can be used for independent play as well as being a great way for you to join in with the play. 

Play can really strengthen the bond between you and your much-loved pet, as well as being enjoyable and entertaining for you both.

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