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Cat Beds

Cat beds provide a warm, comfortable and safe place for your beloved pet to sleep. They come in many different sizes and are carefully crafted from high-quality materials including wicker, fleece, plastic, faux fur and cotton. Cat beds vary with designs ranging from simple and practical to elaborate and fancy.

Cat Baskets

Cat baskets are popular amongst pet owners as theyre easy to move from A to B and take up less room than some of the other cat beds available. Materials differ but most feature a soft, plush cushion or fleecy lining thats easy to remove and wash. This, of course, helps to maintain hygiene and prevents bad odours.

Many of the wicker baskets have been beautifully handmade and feature a handcrafted pillow or lining. Again, these vary in style and while many of the baskets sit flat against the floor, others have been designed to look like a miniature sofa and stand on little legs.


Unlike cat baskets which are open in design, cat igloos and caves are fully-enclosed with a single entrance allowing your cat to hide away. Cats often retreat when they feel anxious or want to rest and therefore igloo beds provide the perfect environment for them to do this.

Igloo beds are typically pyramid in shape but can have a rounded top too. Plush igloo models are soft to the touch are particularly common as these trap heat and help to keep your pet warm. That said, you will find wooden and wicker models too.

Nesting Beds

Nesting beds are where your cat will hopefully give birth and care for her litter. Beds of this kind are often slightly larger than your typical cat bed as they need to accommodate both the queen and her kittens. The mummy also needs to be able to stand up and turn round easily. Nesting beds are designed to be as soft and cosy as possible and usually feature a soft, plush interior. Many have a non-slip base and are 100% machine washable.

Cat Hammocks

Cat hammocks provide pets with a unique, innovative and convenient place to sleep. While comfortable for your cat, hammocks are also ideal for anyone with a sense of humour as they often become a talking point within the home. Cat hammocks can be placed inside or out with many featuring suction cups that can be easily attached to doors and windows.

As well as hammocks, youll also find warm, fleecy radiator beds. These have a strong, durable metal frame that slips over the radiator and a soft fleecy lining.

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