Cat Carriers and Crates

Cat crates and carriers allow you to transport your pet safely and easily. They are available in a range of styles designed to suit your pet’s needs and reduce the stress of transporting them.

Plastic or fabric cat carriers?

  • Plastic Carriers – Designed to be durable, they create a safe environment for your pet during transportation, offering your pet protection from any bumps during travel or the unwanted attention of other animals. Plastic crates and carriers have ample air holes and secure entry points, allowing you to check on your pet while offering it protection and privacy
  • Fabric Carriers – Available in a range of styles, from more traditional pet carriers to fashionable handbag type carriers. Designed to be lightweight and easy to carry, fabric carriers are easy to store when not in use.  Fabric carriers can also come with mesh side panels which let in light and air, creating a comfortable environment for your pet to travel in

Benefits of using a pet carrier 

  • Safety – Using a cat crate or carrier ensures that your pet is in a controlled environment during transportation, offering it protection from any bumps or sudden stops.
  • Easy to carry – Designed to be lightweight and easy to carry, enabling you to transport your pet without any undue worry
  • Protection – A common use would be taking your pet to the vet where you are likely to encounter a variety of different animals. A crate or carrier provides your pet with privacy and protection from other animals
  • Secure – Ensures that your pet does not escape during transportation
  • Reduces stress – Creates a controlled environment for your pet, helping to reduce the stress of transportation
  • Food and water – There is space to provide your pet with access to water or food whilst on the move, something which is particularly beneficial on longer trips

Storage and Care

  • Storage – Fabric carriers will fold down for easy storage when not in use
  • Easy to Clean – Designed to be easy to clean with general household products
  • Durable – Built to be strong and durable yet easy to carry