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Cat Grooming Brush

Cat grooming brushes and tools come in many different styles and have various uses. The use is dependent on the cat’s breed, coat and individual needs. 

In general, a cat grooming brush enables the owner to spend quality time with their much-loved cat, enabling the animal to enjoy a healthy and well maintained coat.                  

Different Types Of Cat Grooming Brush

  • Deshedding - A deshedding tool brushes the cat's coat while also removing fur and lose hair from their undercoat
  • Slicker brush - A slicker brush has long, angled bristles designed to brush and detangle the coat of longer haired cats
  • Flea comb - Designed to tease out fleas, their eggs and their debris from the cat's coat
  • Grooming mitt/ glove - A grooming mitt fits on the hand like a mitten and incorporates nodules or soft rubber bristles to enable owners to massage and groom their cat at the same time
  • General cat brush - A soft bristled brush for general grooming of all breeds of cat
  • Double sided cat brush - A brush with a flea comb on one side and a soft brush on the other

The Benefits Of Cat Grooming Brushes

There are various benefits to cat grooming brushes:

  • Owner and cat bonding - Some cats enjoy grooming time, so whilst being groomed both owner and cat are able to enjoy time with each other, increasing their connection and bond
  • Maintaining the cat's coat - Most cats, regardless of their coat length or type, benefit from gentle grooming to remove any loose hair and to massage the skin. Cats with certain coat types, and certain cat breeds require once and sometimes twice daily grooming to maintain their coat
  • Hairballs - Removing the cats loose hairs helps them ingest less hair overall, helping reduce the amount of hairballs they may experience
  • Overall health - During cat grooming time, owners are able to give the cat an overall health check, helping prevent any potential issues or problems get picked up quickly
  • Home maintenance - By removing as much hair as possible from the cat, owners are able to benefit from less hair in the home
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