Maximise your Storage Space with CD Jewel Cases 100

To enjoy easy access to your music for dance competitions or figure skating training, while maximising the area used to store your collection, use CD jewel cases 100. Options on eBay will protect your albums during busy events, and each will hold a booklet that provides information on the artiste and their music.

Do all CD jewel cases 100 on eBay have removable trays?

Most CD jewel cases 100 on eBay are designed in three parts. The trays are usually removable, and many can easily hold a booklet of 25 pages or more, which makes it easy to promote your music.

Does every package of standard CD jewel cases come with different colours?

Whether you order double or single clear CD cases on eBay, a large assortment of colours in 100-case sets of standard CD jewel cases is available, so you can organise your projects for work, competitions, or home. Many packages on eBay come with as many as 5 colours but some only come with two. These may be clear with blue, or clear with red. Even those with colour are translucent covers, allowing you to view the content on each disc without opening any of the cases. You can choose cases of different thickness on eBay, and several improve your storage capacity by holding each CD in half the space, since they are only 0.2 inches thick. Their flap closure makes it easy to open and close the case without damaging the plastic protector, while each case comes with a centre hub which keeps the case stable. You also benefit from the following features:

  • You can use either the front or back pieces for your inserts.
  • Discs can snap into place on the centre spine.
  • With some cases, the rear piece has tabs, which help to hold your inserts in place just as the front piece in standard cases does.
What features are available on a slim case CD to protect the content?

A slim case CD from eBay comes with a layer of cellophane wrapping, which helps to protect it and the album inside. Alternatives with this layer are shielded from marking, and you can select shades such as white, red, blue, or clear with the standard black tray. The clear tray on most standard 148.2 mm x 124.8 mm x 10.2 mm cases comes with a card that is printable on both sides.