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Chainsaw Parts and Accessories

Chainsaws have a multitude of uses, from trimming and pruning, to the removal of tree limbs or the cutting down of large trees.

Regardless of usage, ensuring your chainsaw works year round is important, no matter if you use it once a day or once a year. Nobody wants to pull the cord to find a chainsaw that no longer works, just as you crucially need it.

To start off, it’s important to determine the type of chainsaw you have, need or want:

Fuel powered

These chainsaws are cranked with a pull start and consist of a two cycle engine, operating with the mix of oil and petrol. They are highly powerful and come in a range of sizes:

  • Heavy duty (18 to 24in bar) – Ideal for cutting medium and large trees as well as firewood cutting
  • Medium duty (16 to 18in bar) – Commonly used for removing tree limbs or cutting down small trees
  • Light duty (8 to 16in bar) – Best used for the trimming and pruning of trees as well as light cutting

Electric powered

Electric chainsaws are ideal for small jobs that require less power. They are quieter than the gas powered models, are more efficient and require less maintenance.

  • Cordless Battery chainsaws have rechargeable battery that allows for good mobility but can limit operating time
  • Corded – No time limit due to there being no need to refuel or recharge, but it does require an extension that will reach the work area

Parts and accessories

Replacing vital parts when required will allow your chainsaw to run effectively and efficiently. Some of the main parts include:

  • The chain
  • Ignition module
  • Guide bars
  • Drive mechanism
  • Tensioning mechanism

Replacing parts

As with most powered equipment, unfortunately some maintenance may be required at some point during their lifetime. If your chainsaw stops working, there could be a number of reasons that has caused this, though it is not always straightforward.

Some telltale signs of a problem with your chainsaw include:

  • Chain not oiling
  • Chain tensioning not working
  • Chainsaw isn’t cutting
  • The engine isn’t turning over

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