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Character Options - Doctor Who Action Figures

Doctor Who action figures capture all of the wonder of the ever popular BBC TV series Doctor Who. These action figures are designed for both play and collectors, with an emphasis of fun design, articulated limbs and accuracy. Doctor Who Character Options figures are available in the full range of Doctors, companions, villains, aliens, and monsters.

Doctor Who action figures are available in vintage and modern doctor incarnations. Doctors often come with iconic gadgets such as the sonic screwdriver and outfits such as Tom Baker's legendary scarf and Matt Smith's bow tie.

The Doctor has enjoyed the company of a host of fun, brave and talented sidekicks. Character Options produce a range of companion models including old favourites such as Sarah Jane and recent incarnations such as Amy Pond, Clara Oswald and Nardole.

The Daleks are among the Doctor's greatest enemies. The long standing nemeses of the Time Lords have been trying to destroy the earth for centuries and show no sign of stopping. Led by a host of despicable leaders including the villainous Davros, the Daleks have been a staple and iconic component of all Doctor Who series .

The Cybermen are another of the Doctor's most loved and feared opponents. The Cybermen have been appearing as humanoid robots in metal armour since they were first introduced in 1966. During the time since, their armour and design has been updated several times with each incarnation carefully adapted into a Character Options model.

The Doctor's last fellow Time Lord, The Master is the Doctor's ultimate foe. The most recent incarnation of The Master was Missy or The Mistress. Missy appears as a Victorian school nanny and was the first female adaptation of the character.

In addition to the characters listed above, action figures are available in a great range of classic monster designs including the likes of the Slitheen, Sontarans, Oods and Weeping Angels.

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