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Chargers and Docks for Nikon Cameras

Chargers and docks for Nikon cameras will ensure that you never miss a shot due to no battery life on your camera. Most modern Nikon cameras are fitted with a rechargeable battery pack.

The life of your camera batteries will depend upon the amount of the images taken and the quality and the nature of the images. Images taken using film settings are likely to use battery life at a faster rate. Batteries are recharged by fitting them into a charging dock. Most charging docks require a mains power socket to draw power from, although increasingly models are compatible with a modern USB fitting.


Nikon cameras are among the most instantly recognisable and renowned brands in photography. Nikon produce the full spectrum of cameras and camera equipment, from entry level digital cameras to high level professional standard cameras, lenses and filters. All Nikon products are crafted with precision and utilise innovative technology. Nikon battery packs and docks are designed to get the maximum energy into your battery in the shortest time possible. However, remember when purchasing a battery pack or dock to check that the model is compatible with your camera.

Whilst it may be possible to charge your Nikon camera battery with an unbranded product, the charger may not operate to the same standard. Although an unbranded charger or dock may function it may result in a decrease in battery life, and an overall degradation in the endurance of the battery pack.


If using a single battery frequently results in you running out of battery power before a day's filming is completed you may wish to purchase a battery grip. A battery grip enables the storage and use of a second battery within a grip attached to the camera. There is a wide range of battery grips and handles available for Nikon cameras.

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