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Chargers and Docks for iPhone 4

This selection of high quality chargers and docks for the iPhone 4 is expansive, therefore you are bound to find what you need. With Apple changing their charging cables after the release of the iPhone 4, carrying around a compatible charging cable is much more important than ever as you are less likely to come across a discontinued iPhone 4 charger. Docking stations are ideal for charging your phone in a simple manner at home or at work, without wires getting in the way.

Types of iPhone 4 chargers and docks

When browsing through the selection of chargers and docks for the iPhone 4, you will notice that there are many different cables, docks and portable power banks for you to choose from.

It is vital that you choose the correct product for your phone model. If you are after a simple, clutter-free way of charging your iPhone 4 whilst at home, then a docking station is what you are looking for.

In desperate need of some extra juice whilst out and about? Portable power banks are your answer. These power banks are compatible with every phone model, so it is just the charging cable that needs to be the right model for your iPhone 4.

As well as charging docks and portable power banks, there are also a number of other charging solutions. One of the more popular products is the car charger. This portable 12V charger is ideal for keeping you iPhone 4 going whilst on the move, all you have to do is plug it into the cigarette lighter socket in your car.

Most of the iPhone 4 car chargers featured come with unique and safe circuit boards, designed to protect your phone from short circuits.

The most obvious charging solution featured in this collection of chargers and docks for iPhone 4 is the wall charger. All new iPhone 4 handsets come packaged with a wall charger. However, after years of constant use, their performance often deteriorates and can sometimes stop working altogether.

With this in mind, there are many different replacement cables and plugs to help you charge your iPhone 4 much more efficiently. Many of these mains chargers come with multiple USB slots so you can charge more than one device at a time.

The Brand

Apple is arguably the most famous name in consumer electronics, computer software and online software. They are one of the biggest innovators in the smartphone industry, bringing new products to the market at least once a year.

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