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Chargers for Leica Cameras

For all keen photographers, keeping your devices charged is essential. Instead of having to replace camera batteries , which can be a frustrating process, it is a much easier solution to replace a camera charger or buy a spare just in case. Chargers for Leica cameras vary depending on individual need and when and where you intend to charge your device.

The main three types of charger for your Leica camera are a USB chord, a car charger and a home charger.

Car chargers for Leica cameras

A car charger for a Leica camera is particularly useful because you can charge and have power on the go. For photographers that travel by car a lot when shooting, a car charger is the perfect way to ensure your battery is charged enough for when you arrive at your destination. If you are a nature, wildlife or landscape photographer, the majority of your time will be spent outdoors so having an option to charge your device in the car may be the best option.

USB chargers for Leica cameras

For a more versatile option, USB cables are available for a Leica camera. USB ports can be plugged into a range of devices and it therefore provides more versatility for your charging needs. If you carry a laptop around with you a lot, it is easy and efficient if you use a USB cord to charge your camera through the laptop. This method also allows you to transfer files to a device whilst charging.

Adapters are available for USB's too, so a USB cord can double up as a card charger or home charger.

Home chargers for Leica cameras

A home charger for a Leica camera plugs into a plug socket in the wall. This is useful if you are charging overnight while you sleep to ensure a full battery when you wake up. This method is less versatile than a USB and less portable than a car charger however it remains one of the most common charging methods because of the ease of being at home.

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