Stretch Your Budget with a Cheap iPad

Apple is well-known for its enduring quest to produce top mobile devices. With annually-released versions of their products, prices soar to match the increased function availability. If you're new to iOS gadgets, or simply don't need the high specs of a new release, consider buying a cheap iPad from eBay to make the most of your budget.

What types of cheap iPads should you buy?

Apple reduced the price for iPads after the third generation was released. Here are some cheap iPads you can choose from:

  • iPad Mini: One of Apple’s first generation of iPads, this model uses the same chipset as the iPad 3, but lacks the retina display feature.
  • iPad 2: Among one of the first iPads to offer a retina display, this version can run iOS 10 and supports 3G connectivity.
  • iPad 3: An upgrade of Apple’s Mini 2, the graphics processor is fast enough to power the Retina Display feature.
  • iPad 4: This fourth-gen iPad features a rather slim design compared to previous versions. It also has a powerful processor and a long-lasting battery that offers up to 10 hours of life.
What should you consider when buying an iPad?

Different iPad models offer a varied range of features. Your needs should help you determine the type of iPad model you want:

  • Travel: If you plan to use the iPad on-the-go, then a 3G/4G and Wi-Fi model makes sense.
  • Wi-Fi only: Suitable for home or office use within a home network, these make cheap iPad option for users on a budget.
  • Mode of use: If you are all about video-calling, look for an iPad that supports the FaceTime app. Cheap iPads like the iPad 2 and iPad Mini on Wi-Fi support this app.
  • Data: Light users consume 1GB of data or less while regular users require 3GB of data in a month. Heavy users consume up to 5GB or more of data within one month. Make sure you choose a cheap iPad that can accommodate your needs and speeds.
What are the cost differentials between iPad functionalities?

Wi-Fi only iPads are the lower end of the price range for cheap iPads. Models that are designed to support both Wi-Fi and 4G internet cost considerably more, and the choice of connections is reflected in that price.

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