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Enjoy your Favourite Dishes with Chopsticks

To enjoy delicious ramen, stir-fries, or curry dishes, choose elegant chopsticks from eBay. Vendors on eBay have stylish selections made of durable wood, which make ideal gifts. You can also select disposable chopsticks for birthday parties and other events.

Are wooden chopsticks the best?

Many people like wooden chopsticks because these do not conduct heat, and they are durable. If you are eating hot ramen or stirring food, you can easily find chopsticks for this. Vendors on eBay sell two types of wooden chopsticks. Lacquered chopsticks are used at home, while those without lacquer are usually disposed of after a party. Chopsticks without lacquer should not have any dye used on them.

Are plastic chopsticks safe?

Yes. Plastic chopsticks are made using food-grade plastic and are ideal for a restaurant or party. Their bright colours make them appealing to people who may not always like lacquered wooden chopsticks.

Lacquered chopsticks with a surface designed for a better grip are great for people with arthritis. Plastic chopsticks may be slippery for those who find it hard to grip.

Are environmentally-friendly chopsticks available?

Yes. Reusable chopsticks save energy and other resources, such as wood. These can be made of stainless steel, and more expensive metals, which don't pick up odours and can be easily carried in your handbag or car. Vendors on eBay offer environmentally-friendly chopsticks that are made of bamboo. Some bamboo chopsticks are quite long, making them ideal for eating from deep bowls or enjoying noodles. These offer the following advantages:

  • They are free from toxins.
  • They are free from pesticides since bamboo is naturally anti-fungal and antibacterial.
  • They are not lacquered.
Choose chopsticks in elegant cases

Many people in Asian cultures may give a nice pair of chopsticks as a gift, and these often come in elegantly decorated cases, which may be made of wood or plastic. You can select options from eBay that contain a single pair of reusable, lacquered chopsticks, contained in black cases with gold writing. If you are giving a gift to a family member, you can select a Chinese chopstick set with five pairs.

A Chinese chopstick set for a family may be made of stainless steel, and have an attractive metal and silver tone. These are lightweight and may have a swirly design which makes them easy to grip. Pointed ends allow you to skillfully lift noodles or even spaghetti. Those made of metal may be hollow on the inside, so heat cannot be conducted from hot food to your hands.

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