Christian Louboutin

Upgrade Your Style With Christian Louboutin Shoes

Everyone from Sarah Jessica Parker in ""Sex and the City"" to famous author Danielle Steele loves a good pair of shoes. And, not just any shoes but Louboutin stiletto heels. Look through eBays collection of new and pre-worn designer Louboutin shoes to find your next stylish pair. 

Does Christian Louboutin offer wedding shoes? 

Yes, the Christian Louboutins collections known as the Bridal Collection is solely dedicated to wedding shoes. Everything from completely flat slip-ons to stilettos that measure nearly 8 inches is available in the bridal collection. Each of these elegant shoes is covered in glitter, crystals, and other bridal jewellery. The designers bridal collection includes a variety of shoes including:  

  • Flats
  • Pumps
  • Sandals
  • Platforms
  • Wedges

What colours are offered in Louboutins bridal shoe collection? 

Christian Louboutin offers a variety of colours in his bridal shoe collection. In addition to colour choices, the bridal collection includes many different high-end materials. Wedding shoe colours include:  

  • Pink
  • Beige
  • Nude
  • Silver
  • White

What is unique about Louboutin shoes? 

Christian Louboutin shoes are considered high fashion and are highly sought after. While the shoemaker does offer a variety of shoe heights, he is most famous for stilettos. He has stated that he created stilettos to elongate the female leg and make women feel beautiful. The artist also uses a variety of materials to create this brand of womens shoes. 

One of the most known features of Louboutin shoes is their red-coloured sole. As a result, these shoes are commonly referred to as ""sammy red-soled shoes."" The sole is a very vivid, dark shade of red. 

How do you authenticate Louboutin womens shoes? 

When shopping online for womens Louboutin shoes, its important to get pictures of the sole. Authentic Louboutins have red-painted leather soles and are very glossy. Because the sole is actually painted leather, it can scratch or come off easily. If buying in a pre-worn condition, one would expect to see a bit of wear on the bottom. 

Unlike shoes from other designers, Louboutins do not come with an authentication card. If shoes are being sold or advertised using a card saying they are authentic, be aware that those shoes are probably fakes. 

Lastly, another clue is the bright red duster bags that come in the box with the shoes. The duster bags should be a vibrant red and made of a cotton material. Depending on the heel height, buyers should receive one or two bright red bags to store the shoes when not being worn. 

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