Choosing Christmas Jumpers for Holiday Festivities

Wearing Christmas jumpers is an easy way to be active in the holiday season. Whether youre shopping for a mens or womens Christmas jumper or ones for children, there are cheerful options for the entire family. These types of sweaters are great to have on hand should a need arise where you want to boldly showcase your festive side.

Christmas jumpers with hoods

Christmas jumpers come in so many styles, including those that have an attached hood. With the cold weather, theyre useful for helping to keep your head and neck warm, but theyre also beneficial in the event of light rain or snow. Beyond the potential weather benefits, the hoods also typically serve as part of the Christmas jumpers design. For example, a brown reindeer-themed Christmas jumper might have antlers on the hood, or one thats Santa-inspired might have a Santa hat hood.

What animals are on some Christmas jumpers?

There are many Christmas jumpers that feature animals on them, some of which include the following:

  • Reindeer – Its hard to think of Christmas and not have images of reindeer pop into your head. Some reindeer on the knits are part of a pattern, there are those shown with Santa, elves, or other friends, and others have the reindeer as the sole feature of the clothing.
  • Other cold-weather animals – Considering the season, youre likely to come across ones that feature animals like penguins and polar bears. Some are sporting warm gear like Santa hats or scarves for a little flair while others are shown without them or are portrayed over a festive background.
  • Domestic animals – Domestic animals like dogs and cats arent left out of the options. Some you can even find paired with cute sayings.
  • Unicorns – Although not usually associated with the holidays, unicorns are the majestic creatures showing up on some Christmas jumpers. In some instances, theyre on their own, and in others, you might find them part of other scenarios, such as escorting Santa for Christmas deliveries.
Are there Christmas jumpers that light up?

If youre looking to add extra intrigue to your Christmas jumper, some options light up at the press of a button. Lights might be strategically placed over colourful Christmas light strands, Rudolphs nose, or elsewhere that helps make the outfit noticeable even from a distance. Due to the special feature, its especially important to read the individual washing and drying instructions before putting the clothing in the laundry. Also, if youre considering purchasing used Christmas jumpers, make sure that the light-up parts of the jumpers still function properly if you want them to do so.