Show Your Holiday Spirit With a Men’s or Ladies' Christmas T-shirt

Christmas T-shirts are perennial favourites. Whether you’re buying for yourself or for a gift, they’re fun, whimsical, and sometimes a bit naughty. They’re also a cheap way to be “dressed for Christmas.”

What to look for in Christmas T-shirts

Your shopping for these shirts will go much easier if you know what you’re looking for. The first thing you need to know is if you want men's Christmas T-shirts, women's Christmas T-shirts, or a unisex version. Other than size, the biggest difference between men’s and women’s shirts is that the women’s sometimes have a bit of shaping throughout the waist. Both new and used versions of these shirts can be found on eBay.

Next, decide if the fabric is important. Cotton is soft, and it gives that lived-in look of a favourite old shirt. On the other hand, a blend of cotton and polyester won’t shrink. Heavier fabric is a sign of quality, but for an inexpensive Christmas T-shirt, that may not matter.

The colour is important, too. You can go with traditional white, red, or green, but you can also get Christmas T-shirts in colours like grey, black, and navy.

The style of the shirt is next. Most of the shirts you find will be short-sleeved. Long-sleeved Christmas tees aren’t hard to find, though, and you can even get ladies Christmas T-shirts in tank top versions.

Licensed characters

If you’re buying a new Christmas T-shirt as a gift, you might want to think about looking for licensed characters. Does the recipient have a favourite movie, cartoon, or superhero? You may be able to find cool Christmas T-shirts with that theme. The Peanuts gang, Star Wars, Minions, and The Grinch are just a few of the possibilities.

Licensed characters are also fun for the family, especially if you take a holiday picture every year. Everyone gets the same shirt, and a Christmas memory is created.

The tone of the shirt

Some Christmas T-shirts are funny. Some are sweet or sentimental. A few are very traditional, and some are rather crude. Consider where you’ll be wearing the shirt before you buy. Something you find hilarious might not go over at the office party.

If you’re in doubt about the tone, especially if the shirt is a gift, go with something heart-warming. You probably won’t go wrong with polar bears, Santa, and cute reindeer. Something more subtle like holly or evergreen branches may be festive but still something you can wear throughout the year.