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Choosing a Chromebook for All of Your Needs

The Chromebook market is more diverse than you might imagine, with almost as many brands as you’d find in a standard netbook. If you’re committed to the cloud and watching videos, but not to gaming and photograph editing, Google’s Office Suite offers software that could suit you well. A cheap Chromebook will automatically sync to the cloud, and even Linux apps are possible with certain brands. If your Chrome netbook is fast enough, you may even be able to play Linux games.

Which features suit video watching and streaming?

A used Chromebook may be too old to stream, but often all that’s required to adapt is a simple update. The Chromebook UK market has products with mid-range graphics processors that manage the resolutions required for video. You should also look for:

  • The Chromebook Pixel laptops, which are high-end and often capable of high-definition graphics.
  • Chromebox offerings that connect you to videos and games via desktop.
  • Core i7 processors with 8 or more gigabytes of RAM.
  • Google Play access for games.
Which specs suit administrative usage?

If you’re looking for a Chromebook for sale that functions as a mobile office, you should be able to adjust to a smaller budget. A mobile Chromebook laptop for work and student use requires:

  • A stylus, Pen app, and Google Assistant.
  • Android support if you need networking functionality.
  • A Chromebook tablet if you’re seeking a light and mobile machine.
  • Deep integration with Gmail, Google Calendar, and Google Drive.
  • A Chromebook touchscreen for convertion into a tablet.
Which features make a Chromebook future-proof?

Regardless of the Chromebook price you’re hoping to pay, it is possible to find a future-proof model. Chromebook reviews will guide you through specs such as Android inclusion and long battery life. A future-proof option should have:

  • A Core i7 processor.
  • The best graphics capabilities you can afford. A dedicated graphics card will outlast an integrated one.
  • A resolution of 1366X768 to 1920X1080. See the manufacturer's site for details.
Is it possible to achieve more speed without a Core i7 processor?

If you need a powerful Google Chromebook, UK industry offerings often make up for mid-range i7 processors by packing in more RAM. 4 GB are optimal, but other specs can also drive performance up. Remember:

  • A solid state drive is faster than an HDD, but often carries less available space.
  • Google’s complimentary 100 GB of online storage may make up for your HDD storage limitations.
  • Near-4k displays improve imagery, but that should be balanced against reduced battery power.
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