Give Your Business The Edge It Needs With a Citroen Berlingo Van

Whether you are running a courier service or the local bakery, a delivery van always comes in handy. The multiple-award-winning Citroen Berlingo is a super asset for every business and it can be used to transport supplies and products around as needed. You can find many examples of new and pre-owned Citroen Berlingo vans for sale on eBay.

Which engine choices are available?

Citroen Berlingo vans come in both petrol and diesel variants. Most business owners opt for the diesel variants due to their low running costs and reliable performance, however, a petrol model also offers its own advantages as this type of fuel can be cheaper. The petrol engines in the Citroen Berlingo van range have also won numerous awards, including International Engine of the Year.

Commercial applications of a panel van

Panel vans like the Berlingo van are hugely popular with small business owners due to their versatility and they offer a cheap means of transporting a range of items. Vans can be outfitted with specialist equipment, making it possible to use them for specialist applications such as mobile workshops. Another advantage of using a panel van lies in the tax deductions that this vehicle type offers, for more information on this you could consult your accountant or local HMRC office.

How to decide which van is right for your needs

Deciding which van to buy for your business is easy when you keep the following in mind:

  • Size: Make sure that you purchase a van that is right for your needs. You should take the weight and nature of the items that you transport into consideration when making a decision.
  • Engine: The choice of engine is another important consideration. While diesel engines offer economical driving, petrol models may offer lower overall maintenance costs. You should weigh the pros and cons of each engine type when making your decision.
  • Purpose: If you are in need of a custom vehicle, you should make sure that the van you choose can be converted for your needs with ease.
Which type of drivers license do you need to drive a Citroen Berlingo van?

Berlingo vans are light-duty commercial vehicles and as such, they can be driven by drivers with normal passenger car licenses. This makes it much easier for business owners to find drivers for their delivery vehicles since no special license is needed. Since regulations can vary from area to area, it is always advisable to check the local traffic regulations before operating a vehicle.