Everything You Need to Know About Buying a Citroen Hy Van

You like vintage vans, and a Citroen Hy van provides you with the chance to own one for yourself. Made in France and Belgium for a period after World War II, these Citroen Hy vans feature a unibody construction and a flat floor, making them easy to customise for specific commercial or individual needs. On eBay, you can choose different features, model years, specifications, and colours of a Citroen Hy van for sale at reasonable prices.

Some features of a reasonably priced used Citroen Hy van

The features of a used Citroen Hy van include:

  • Aluminium body strips - This material decreases the weight of the van.
  • Curved ceiling and roof line - This adds aesthetic appeal and enhances aerodynamics.
  • Four-wheel independent suspension - This offers comfort when driving over uneven surfaces and reduces movement of the cargo.
  • Rear air intake - This provides enhanced air circulation for fresh air.
  • Low floor - The floor of the cargo area is low to the ground, facilitating loading or stepping in without a ramp.
Specifications of an affordable Citroen Hy van for sale

The specifications of the Citroen Hy vans include:

  • Length - The length ranges from 4.26 to 5.24 metres. See the manufacturer site for details.
  • Height - They measure 1.8 metres tall inside and 2.5 metres tall from the pavement to the roofline.
  • Engine size - This ranges from 1.0 to 2.9 litres.
  • Fuel type - There are vans that use diesel or petrol.
  • Gear box - There are three- and four-speed gear boxes available.
Which styles of Citroen Hy van are available?

The available styles include the van body, which has full-length sliding doors and a rear bifurcated door that can open on one or both sides. The pickup style features panels that slide open on the sides. There are also retrofit and customised stylish Citroen Hy vans that are outfitted for use as service lorries, food trucks, and farmer's markets.

How do you choose the right affordable Citroen Hy van?

When you're shopping for a cool Citroen Hy van, consider its:

  • Model year - This ranges from 1965 to 1980.
  • Colour - Some of the options include beige, blue, green, grey, and red.
  • Condition - Select one that is restored, in original condition, or customised for a particular application.
  • Interior equipment - Some of the options include shelving, freezer, oven, refrigerator, and sink.
  • MoT length - The range is 0 to 12 months.