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Clarice Cliff Pottery

Clarice Cliff Pottery

A popular ceramic artist, Clarice Cliff, created many pottery pieces. Clarice Cliff pottery is usually art eco in its design. Her work has now become increasingly popular for collectors with many people searching for original Clarice Cliff pieces. Some Clarice Cliff items can be relatively inexpensive and they are usually the pieces that have been in production for a long time. The rarer pieces will fetch much higher prices and these are often the pieces which have an unusual shape, design or pattern.


Clarice Cliff offers a range of teapots from the art deco era of 1920-1939 and beyond. Some of the designs are traditional teapot shapes with delicate paintings while other designs are unusual shapes such as a conical appearance, a teepee design, or flat sides for a two-dimensional appearance or with uncommon handle and spout designs.


There are many shapes and styles of vase to add to your collection. Some feature the classic crocus design but others will feature classic designs but will be transformed by their unusual shape, such as a yo-yo design which gives the impression it can be used both ways around. Other vases use brightly-coloured geometric designs while others are more traditional with a ribbed appearance and have one single colour paint.


Bowls are great pieces for including a bigger design and enables you to have more use of colour. Clarice Cliff bowls go through many time periods from art nouveau, art deco to modernism. You can find bowls with abstract designs, delicate images and with vibrant use of colours. Bowls come in many different sizes for different uses. Clarice Cliff creates small cress drainers bowls to long oblong shapes and centrepiece decorations.

While most pieces are used as collectors items, the pieces would have been originally designed for a purpose whether that is a sugar bowl, fruit bowl or harvest dish.

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