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Get the Height You Need with a Clark Mast

Clark Masts are telescopic, sectional pole systems that allow you to provide lighting for recreational fields, construction sites, and public spaces. Also used by ham radio enthusiasts for their antennas, these are convenient, portable, and easy to set up. Whether you're lighting a gig or trying to connect to the wider world, eBay will have a Clark Mast for your needs.

Can you use the masts with any type of lighting?

Yes. However, to conserve energy, it is highly recommended that you consider LED lighting. The installation kit will come with all the brackets and fixtures that you need to install the light, but each Clark Mast may have a slightly different procedure, so refer to the manufacturer's instructions.

Are the poles safe to use in residential areas?

Yes. They are made of 3.5-inch diameter, 3.25 mm wall, aircraft grade aluminium alloy. This does not conduct electricity, making safe for use in all areas. The attic grade cable provided is well insulated against damp, so the whole construction can withstand foul weather.

What flexibility do you have in mounting?

There are lightweight systems available that can be vehicle or wall mounted. They can also be permanently mounted on buildings, or used as temporary installations on a tripod. Most systems come with a 24 mm clamp that allow quick and easy release.

How do you extend the mast?

Shorter masts can be extended by hand, but longer masts intended for permanent placement can be raised and lowered in height using air compressors . These can be activated either by a hand pump, or remote control.

What types of Clark Mast kits are available?

Each kit will be suited to a different use. They all feature keyed sections to prevent rotation, and come with a choice of plain or locked collars. The various options are:

  • ST Series: Headloads up to 30kg, with a height extension from 2.5 to 9.15 metres.
  • NT Series: Headloads up to 50kg, offering between 4 and 12 metres in extension, with field or vehicle mounted options.
  • PT Series: Headloads up to 120kg, internal cable options offered, as a well as vehicle, shelter, field mount or roof trolley options.
  • QT Series: Headloads up to 22.5kg, offering between 3 and 15 metres in extension, this is the lightweight, portable option.
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