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Clarks Women's Flip Flops

Clarks have been making shoes for over two centuries, and in that time have produced a wide range of women's shoes. Counted among this range is their wide variety of flip flops suitable for both sport and leisure. Generally, Clarks women's flip flops come in three different styles organised by height.

Flat heels

Flat heeled flip flops are generally easier to put on and take off, and are the most traditional style of flip flop. They generally suit casual occasions or situations where shoes must be removed repeatedly. This includes areas such as saunas, spas, martial arts dojos or certain religious buildings. They are also great for on the beach as they are not only easy to take on or off, but it also easy to remove sand from them afterwards.

Low heels

Low heel flip flops are slightly more fashionable and enable you to accentuate several areas of your body, but can be slightly less comfortable than flat heels. They do not provide as much traction as flat heels, and therefore should only be chosen for steady surfaces. Great for leisurely beach goers, but they are not so great for rock pooling with the kids.

Mid heels

Mid heel flip flops make the greatest fashion statement, but are not comfortable for walking in over longer distances. They should be chosen for casual social situations like barbecues or beach parties, rather than shopping or other activities involving long stints on your feet.

A note on safety

Flip flops are the perfect footwear for many leisure activities but there are some things to bear in mind before purchasing them. They provide no ankle, arch or shock absorption support and so they are best avoided for long walks. Flip flops also have little to no grip and should only be used on even surfaces or sand, to prevent injuries from trips and falls.

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