Treat Your Feet to the Perfect Pair of Clarks Shoes

Clarks is a brand you'll see on a fine range of shoes for both casual and formal use. You'll be able to find affordable pairs in many styles and sizes here on eBay, so browse the listings to see what's available. Whether you're looking for cheap wedge shoes or something for a special occasion, Clarks has shoes to fit the bill.

What should you consider when choosing materials?

Many shoes are leather, which can take a little while to break in but then moulds itself comfortably to the shape of your feet. Some styles also have leather soles, and these are generally good for dress occasions. Rubber soles are hard-wearing and tend to have deeper tread, so may be better if you walk on hard surfaces like asphalt. Some shoes have suede uppers, which are soft and come in a wide range of colours, but which are usually thinner. Artificial materials are also widely used in Clarks shoes, and styles made with these are sometimes lighter.

How can you get the most comfortable fit?

Feet come in a wide variety of sizes, and so do Clarks shoes. See the manufacturer site for details. To keep your feet healthy and comfortable, it's important to find shoes that fit well.

  • Toe shape: Pointed toes can look very elegant, especially on formal occasions, but wide, roomy toes are better suited for long-term or casual wear.
  • Heel size: Completely flat heels work well on trainers, but for office or walking shoes a slightly raised heel is usually more comfortable.
  • Width fitting: Comfortable shoes won't pinch the sides of your feet or squash your toes, so look for extra wide fittings if you have feet that are large or broad.
  • Fastening style: Laces are the classic way to fasten shoes, but some people find slip-ons or shoes with Velcro fastenings feel more natural.
How should you choose the colour of your shoes?

Formal and semi-formal designs are most commonly found in black, which is a go-anywhere colour that can fit in both at the office or in the playground. However, black shoes need to be kept carefully polished, especially if they're leather, as otherwise they can show scuffs and scratches. Brown is also used quite widely, especially for slightly more casual pairs, and you'll find a good selection of inexpensive brown Clarks shoes on eBay. Trainers are often white, but Clarks ladies shoes also add a few extra shades such as blue, ivory, and red.

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