Learn All About Classic Wedding Cars

If a bride or groom wants to have an impressive entrance and exit for their wedding, they need an elegant wedding car. Whether you are a vintage car enthusiast who wants something special for your ceremony or a rental company looking to expand your chauffeuring options, eBay provides access to many types of classic wedding cars.

What types of vehicles are considered classic wedding car options?

There is a huge variety of what people consider to be classic cars for weddings. Here are some of the common automobile styles:

  • Roadster - These are typically older automobiles that have an open top and two seats. Roadsters were originally used for cruising along scenic roads.
  • Limos - If you want something to fit an entire wedding party, look for stretch limos with multiple seats.
  • Trucks - If you are having a country or rustic wedding, pickup trucks will fit with the theme.
  • Saloon - Also called a sedan car, this style has a front and rear seating. This means that you can have a driver.
Do classic, vintage, and antique mean different things?

These are three common designations for wedding cars, but there tends to be a little confusion about what they all mean. Technically, a classic vehicle is any high-quality or unusual vehicle that is somewhere over 20 years old. Once a vehicle is over 45 to 50 years old, it is typically considered an antique wedding car. Vehicles that are more than 70 years old normally qualify as vintage wedding cars.

What should you think about when picking a wedding car?

To make sure you end up with a wedding car that works for your needs, here are a few things to consider:

  • Transmission type - If you plan to drive it yourself, make sure you are comfortable with using the manual or automatic transmission that the car has.
  • Condition - It is normal for older cars to need a bit of work from time to time. Think about how often you want to do repairs and maintenance before making your pick.
  • Colour - Of course a white wedding car is always a favourite, but that is not the only shade that works for a wedding. Metallics, greys, blacks, and other neutrals also tend to be popular.
  • Size - Consider how many people you want to fit in the car. If you are going to have a chauffeur, you need something with at least two rows of seats.