Climbing Frames

Climbing frames are available in all shapes and sizes to encourage outdoor play and physical development in young children. These fun structures are often made of wood but can also be made from other materials such as metal and plastic.

Climbing frames are an excellent way for children to socialise with their friends in the great outdoors, with a huge amount of choice available – from small units to larger playhouse frames.

Many climbing frames are modular in design, incorporating multi-activities. Types vary from a simple slide or swing arrangement to monkey bars and large scale frames with cargo nets and other exciting features. Some of the more elaborate models are raised on stilts with adjoining playhouses to add to the entertainment factor.

Wooden climbing frames, swings, slides and those action climbing frames made of wood use high quality pressure treated material to ensure the product is hardwearing and strong.

Choosing the Right Climbing Frame

Before you buy such a large-scale addition to your garden, ask yourself what activities your little explorers enjoy. Climbing fans will love the challenge of an obstacle net or climbing wall. Alternatively, if your child adores imaginative play look for an arrangement with a playhouse, den, novelty themed shape or steering wheel addition that will really capture their sense of adventure.

Taller, more compact designs are well suited to a smaller garden, whereas if space is not a restriction choice extends to many sprawling arrangements.

Made to measure

Before buying climbing frames, in order to ensure the correct dimensions, take care to measure your garden. Ideally, you should leave a two-metre boundary around the perimeter to allow for safe play.

In addition to this, make sure to also leave extra space in front of swing arms and slides and any other play element where the children will be moving or playing.