About Climbing Harnesses

When hanging from the craggy face of a rock, it is definitely not the time to start thinking about the best climbing harness for the job. While it's true that the very best harnesses are the often the most costly, eBay offers you an opportunity to get the best model for you at a great price. The fact is, there is no piece of climbing equipment you will spend more time in than your harness, and whichever model you buy, you will use it for years. Each climbing harness has common features, such as leg and waist loops, buckles, gear loops, a belay loop, and tie-in points. While they look similar on the surface, harness are actually made using a wide variety of materials and construction techniques. Even quality construction varies with the different types of climbing. Log in to eBay today, and while browsing the available harnesses, take a look through the other quality climbing equipment the site has to offer. Then get outside and enjoy your sport, assured that your climbing harness has you covered.