Coarse Fishing Reel Spinning Fishing Reels

Coarse Spinning and Fixed Spool Fishing Reels

There are a wide selection of coarse spinning and fixed spool fishing reels available in a range of designs suited to all types of coarse fishing . Whether you are an experienced angler or just looking to start a new hobby, there are coarse fishing reels available to suit all abilities.

Types of spinning reels

Coarse spinning reels can be used for either fresh or saltwater fishing. However, there are reels made specifically for saltwater fishing which offer increased protection against the corrosion caused by salt water and the sea air. This ensures they are protected against the elements and have a long lifespan.

Coarse spinning fishing reels come in different weights and sizes enabling you to find a reel which is comfortable and well balanced that matches the style of your fishing rod .

Spinning spool fishing reels can be fitted to different types of fishing rod, making it easy to change or upgrade your current setup as required.

Coarse fishing reels can be used with a variety of different types of line, they come in models which are either right or left handed, or ambidextrous which allows them to be used by both left and right handed individuals.

There are a variety of handle grips available in different sizes and materials. Common handle materials include metal, wood, or soft grip plastic, and these come in regular or oversized options.

Coarse spinning fishing reels are constructed from a range of different materials depending on how much you spend. Lower priced models are often constructed from hardwearing plastics whereas higher end models will made from a selection of durable metals.

Coarse fixed fishing reels are manufactured by a range of different brands including Abu Garcia , Daiwa and Shimano. With so much choice available it is easy to find a coarse fishing reel that suits your requirements.