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Protect Your Plants in Style Using a Cold Frame

Cold frames for a small greenhouse in the UK are simple, useful structures for protecting your favourite plants from bitterly low temperatures and keeping your garden area healthy. Both new and pre-owned cold frame products from eBay can help you cover an entire small greenhouse in the UK and keep the plants or flowers of your choice cosy. Understanding your options for cold frames and what features they might have will help you find the ones that meet your preferences.

Material choices for frames

When you buy greenhouse frames for your garden, you will find several frame materials from which you can choose. All basic materials will protect your delicate flowers adequately, but you may wish to choose frames with particular colours, textures, or other characteristics. Some materials include:

  • PVC - PVC frames provide an inexpensive, lightweight option that is easy to assemble and often comes in a variety of vibrant colours. You may wish to choose PVC if you have colourful greenhouse furniture and would like to have matching frames.
  • Wood - Wooden cold frames give a traditional look to your greenhouse or garden. These items may be available in different wood types or include stains or varnishes to add a touch of class.
  • Metal - Metal frames are heavier than some other types and should provide a durable enclosure to protect your plants from things like strong winds.
Can you choose different walls for your cold frames?

Yes, in addition to the type of frame you can get from eBay, the walls themselves also come in a variety of materials. Note that wall thickness is also a factor, and this measurement is usually listed in millimetres. You can see the manufacturer site for details. Some common types you will come across during your search are:

  • Glass - Glass provides a transparent barrier that can protect your plants or flowers from the elements while still allowing you to see inside the enclosure.
  • Polycarbonate - Polycarbonate frame walls are usually opaque and feature strong thermoplastics that provide durability to the whole apparatus. Some polycarbonate walls you may find on eBay could be optically transparent as well.
Shapes and sizes for cold frames

Affordable cold frames in the UK come in various sizes or shapes. Some options you'll have here are:

  • Box - You can get small boxes for individual plants.
  • Shed - You can install whole cold frame greenhouse enclosures for larger plants.
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