Collectable Christian Bibles and Books

Collectable Christian bibles and books make a stylish and interesting selection for bookcase and shelf display. Regular churchgoers and faith devotees can also use the prayer books and bibles for practical study.

Types of collectable bibles and books

Richly illustrated collectable Christian bibles and books often feature the New and Old testaments. The large leather bound family bible is an elegant display feature for any coffee table.

Antique and vintage bibles and books are typically decorated with unusual embellishments. Some common prayer bibles are adorned with brass edges, exquisite gauffered page detail and clasp closure. The leather cover is also finely embossed. Other collectable versions display authentic wear and tear.

Rare collectable Christian bibles and books generally boast decorative details. The miniature solid silver plate Book of Common Prayer has a highly embossed cover, and is an elegant keepsake that is perfect for displaying in your home.

Other types of collectable books include prayer hymn books. Some hymn books feature illustrations. Prayer hymn book sets, that include a carrying case, are also available.

Features of collectable Christian bibles

Many antiquated and vintage collectable Christian bibles display elaborate tooling and exquisite decorative detail. Vintage books traditionally have leather binding, a brass clasp, gauffered edge pages and ribbed spines.

Vintage bibles and books that are large, oversized and/or heavy often feature ornate illustrations that are ideal for display. The elegant antique books are perfect as a modern coffee table feature.

Leather bound collectable bibles and books that are in good condition can be used for daily worship. Many vintage common prayer and hymn books are perfectly sized to fit in a pocket, giving you easy access.

Very old and rare collectable Christian bibles and books are best displayed in a glazed door cabinet, to preserve the antique binding.

Consider using a display cabinet or antique book case to show off your collection of bibles and books.