Grab Some Antique Collectable Ink Bottles for Decoration or Display

Vintage glass ink bottles can be an easy and fun way to add to your home's decor or show your sense of style. You can find a wide range of inexpensive old ink bottles for sale on eBay. Understanding how some of these products are made and their main features can help you choose the antique ink bottles that fit your preferences.

Choosing vintage ink bottles

Despite the simplicity of their designs, many antique ink bottles for sale on eBay can vary greatly in how they are made. These variations give you a few ways to choose the old ink bottles that appeal to you. Some of the options you have here are:

  • Type - Many antique ink bottles are made from glass, but you can also find containers that use other materials. In addition to vintage glass ink bottles, some containers for ink are crafted from stoneware.
  • Size - All sizes for antique ink bottles on eBay are listed in UK measurements.
  • Shape - The shape of the ink bottles can impact the overall look or aesthetic appeal. It can also determine how much ink the receptacle can hold. You can choose from both square and round shapes for ink bottles, which are common.
What designs are there for ink bottles?

Most old ink bottles have designs or writing that match the brands that produced them. If you are looking for a particular brand of ink bottles, you may be able to find products that have common slogans from that brand emblazoned into the glass or stone. Some brands may have produced ink bottles to advertise particular products or services as well. In addition to writing, many vintage ink bottles can include intricate patterns or designs that heighten their aesthetic appeal.

Purchasing used ink bottles

Most of the antique ink bottles that you will find on eBay were used at some point. Some of the old ink bottles you find may be products that were made but never filled with ink before they were put up for sale, and you can purchase these vintage bottles as new items for your home. All pre-owned ink bottles should be in adequate shape for their age and free of visible cosmetic effects. You may see some ink stains inside a few glass bottles due to normal use. Purchasing used bottles can be a great way to get these vintage items at a price that is affordable for you.