Collectable Milk Bottles

With retro chic being an on trend option for the home, collectable milk bottles are a great way to introduce some quirky display items for your cabinet or for everyday use. Featuring designs from famous household brands and local dairies, collectable milk bottles are a fun way to help items from the past live on in your home.


Some collectable milk bottles are extremely rare, featuring the logo of dairies that are long since closed down. Vintage advertising is a great talking point in the home and you may even find bottles originating from your local area. Some bottles have vintage ads for farms in a range of different colours. Others feature adverts from well known companies such as Kellogg's with bright blues and reds. These make a great addition to the kitchen windowsill to hold flowers or for display. Plain bottles are also available and can be hand decorated with glass paint for a truly personalised piece.

Displaying collectable milk bottles

Some milk bottles are extremely old and rare. In some cases, bottles are from as far back as the 1930s so it's important to keep them as safe as possible. A milk bottle storage crate is a great way to keep bottles away from harm and display them. Alternatively, more universal storage boxes are available. To stop getting dust in them, you might want to use milk bottle caps which are available in a range of vintage styles.

Uses of collectable bottles

Collectable bottles can be used as a table centrepiece to put flowers in or as a display by themselves. You can also continue to use them to store liquids such as milk in the fridge. Bear in mind that if the bottle is old, it's more likely that it'll get broken if used daily. If you have concerns about breakage, keep them safe in a display cabinet .