Collectable Perfume Bottles

Collectable Perfume Bottles

Collectable perfume bottles are the perfect gift for the perfume connoisseur or collector who dreams of that rare or iconic find. As they can come as miniature collectable perfume bottles or collectable perfume pots, they are therefore an ideal gift.

Beautiful boxed vintage and antique perfume bottles would be a stunning centrepiece to any dressing table and are the perfect attractive vessel to decant your favourite smell. Some once held legendary scents which are now hard to come by and others might be loved by someone interested in the art deco style or the look of the 1960s or 1970s. Bottles from the 19th and 20th century are often the most sought after by a collector and can tell a story of the tastes and events of the time.

Perfume bottles are considered an art form and the container is often seen as being more valuable than the scent it contains. Through the ages perfume bottles have been made in a variety of different glasses and shapes, with decorative stoppers, motifs and engravings. Perfume bottles made with crystal or cut glass, with glass stoppers, or a retro atomiser are interesting choices. The glass can be frosted or coloured, and the bottles decorated with features such as flowers, hearts or butterflies.

Perfume bottles that still contain the scent can be very collectable because some fragrances have been reformulated making the original harder to come by. Well known scents which were made before 2000 are sought after because EU restrictions on certain ingredients meant some fragrances were discontinued or reformulated.

Some brands draft in up and coming, or well established artists and sculptors to design their bottles. These particular pieces would definitely be considered collectable affairs, chosen for their aesthetic and the name attached rather than any scent it may have once housed. Some designs are simply iconic, or were only available for a limited time.