Enhance Your Kitchen Decor With Collectible Salt and Pepper Shakers

Salt and pepper shakers do a lot more than just provide a little extra spice and flavors to meals. For many kitchens, the salt and pepper shaker set is a key part of kitchen decor and may be displayed a number of different ways. Follow this guide to get the most out of vintage salt and pepper shakers, including multiple ways to use them within your own kitchen.

Vintage salt and pepper shaker gifts

Salt and pepper shakers are not just an ideal item for your own kitchen but make a fun gift for family and friends. If a couple is getting married, you can purchase a set of matching salt and pepper shakers on eBay for the new couple to enjoy. If someone has purchased a new pet, you may find the animal adorned in various old salt and pepper shakers. Salt and pepper shakers are an ideal gift for people who have purchased a new home as well. A number of fun novelty sets are ideal for Secret Santa or grab-bag holiday games where random gifts are needed. A student going off to college may enjoy a set of salt and pepper shakers to use in their new housing.

How are glass and ceramic salt and pepper shakers different from each other?

As you browse through the affordable salt and pepper shaker collectibles on eBay, there are two different types you will come across. The first is a ceramic vintage saltshaker. The ceramic shakers are a solid design and typically shaped into various forms. For example, ceramic Thanksgiving salt and pepper shakers may be in the shape of a turkey and painted. Glass salt and pepper shakers typically have a uniform shape like a cylinder and will have a separate metal cap on each one. The glass salt and pepper shakers will typically have a logo or design printed on them. A lot of logos, including those from food and drink companies, have been printed on the used and pre-owned shakers over the years. If a salt and pepper shaker is clear and see-through, it is most likely made with glass, although some could be made with a clear plastic.

Pop-culture salt and pepper shakers

A number of pop-culture properties have their own collectible salt and pepper shakers. There's a Looney Tunes salt and pepper shaker set that includes Wile E. Coyote and the Road Runner. "Nightmare Before Christmas" shaker sets include a saltshaker for Sally and a pepper shaker for Jack. Other movies like "Wizard of Oz," "The Lion King," and "Star Wars" all have various sets of shakers available. There's also a large number of antique salt and pepper shakers featuring both pop-culture characters and holiday designs.